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Solutions for Advertisers and Agencies

TOMORRO Methodology
  • ⇨ Identify major challenges and pain points of Brands and Agencies.
  • ⇨ Independently screen global market trends in Digital Advertising & Marketing,
  • ⇨ Detect new innovative shifts and technological advances.
  • ⇨ Select and curate the most innovative, state of the art AdTech and MarTech companies.
  • ⇨ Conceive, design and engineer the combination of technologies according to identified pain points.
  • ⇨ Bundle these technologies, producing comprehensive, result focused, problem solving, technology solutions.
Solutions Stack
  • Programmatic Media
    •       ⚬ DSP + DMP + Managed Services
    •       ⚬ Focused on results: CPC, CPA, CPKPI
  • ⇨ Anti-fraud
  • ⇨ Dynamic Creative Programmatic
  • ⇨ Insta-commerce – Shoppable Content and Banners
  • ⇨ Dynamic Personalized Video
  • ⇨ In App Advertising
  • ⇨ Social Media Loyalty
  • ⇨ Influencer Programmatic Marketplace
  • ⇨ Programmatic for Healthcare

Case Studies

  • Cosmetic & Perfume Retailer:
    How to drastically increase online sales (and measure it).
    Programmatic Media using Agile Audience Targeting method
    Dynamic Creative Programmatic: the right creative for the right consumers.
    Insta–Commerce: Shoppable Ads improving customer experience and reducing bounce rates.
  • Young fashion Brand:
    How to target teenagers (video campaign)
    Video Content Crowdsourcing: it's crowd-culture!
    Programmatic Media(video) using Agile Audience Targeting method
    Dynamic Personalized Video: super customized messages
    In-app video advertising: reaching customers in video games
    Social Media Loyalty: rewarding customers for social behavior
    Influencer Marketplace: finding the right influencers using math, not guessing.