Sell Side

Solutions for Premium Publishers

What is the need of Publishers?
  • ⇨ Revenue maximization
  • ⇨ Niche focus
  • ⇨ Flexibility
  • ⇨ Diversified supplier risk
What we offer
  • ⇨ We research the AdTech environment and select multiple innovative technologies and formats that can maximize fill rates and inventory prices.
  • ⇨ We couple our best of breed technology portfolio with our in-house “white glove yield management” experts
  • ⇨ As a service provider, we access international markets for alternatives of monetization, generating new incremental revenues for leading global Premium Publishers.
  • Maximum Revenue:
    •       ⚬ Increased CPMs
    •       ⚬ Increased fill-rates
    •       ⚬ Increased revenues

  • Ultimately what it comes down to, is that we are a very strong team of programmatic yield managers, that leverage a paradigm-changing technology stack across sell-side solutions, new advertisement formats and horizontal technology layers. By match-making formats, technologies and exceptional service, we maximize existing revenues while adding new revenue streams for the Publisher.
Technology Stack
Publishers need to have the right stack to maximize their earnings working with the best solutions for Programmatic Media. This is challenging as programmatic landscape is growing at an increased rate and requiring publishers to constantly research, engage and try new solutions. We do the research and testing for you
  • Sell Side
    •       ⚬ Header Bidding
    •       ⚬ SSP
    •       ⚬ Video SSP
    •       ⚬ DSP – PMP
  • New Ad Formats
    •       ⚬ Rich Media
    •       ⚬ Native Advertisement
    •       ⚬ Outstream Video
    •       ⚬ High Impact Formats
  • Horizontal Technology Layers
    •       ⚬ DMP
    •       ⚬ Anti-Fraud

Case Studies

  • Header Bidding
    Premium Publisher in Europe.
    ⇨ 45% fill rate with average eCPM of 0.75 euro for international traffic.
    After 3 months trial period:
    ⇨ 53% fill rate with average eCPM of 0.84 euro.
    ⇨ Resulted in an increase of 30% in revenues for the traffic sent.
  • Outstream Video Implementation
    Premium Publisher in Europe.
    ⇨ Pages were attracting average 0.60 euro eCPMs for their banners.
    After 3 months trial period:
    ⇨ Achieved 43% fill rate with guaranteed eCPM of 2 euros, for any inventory sold in Outstream (2 million ad requests / day in international traffic).
    ⇨ The same pages that were attracting average 0.60 euro eCPMs, are now attracting 3 X in revenue from a purely new revenue stream